Nas Teams Up With ‘Ghostbusters’ For A Movie Themed Clothing Line

Nas is joining forces with Sony Pictures Consumer Marketing for a top of the line Ghostbusters edition clothing line, which is inspired by the classic film.

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This couldn’t be a better fit for the legendary rapper who is a huge Ghostbusters fan himself. “What kid doesn’t get inspired or intrigued by ghost stories?,” Nas questioned on the promotional video for the clothing campaign in partnership with HYPEBEAST. “Ghostbusters is every fun thing you can think of when it comes to the imagination when you think of supernatural or paranormal activity.”

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Essentially, the anchor brand for this partnership is Nas’ HSTRY brand which its theme is his experience growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. Nas x Ghostbuster is also teaming up with six other brands including: New Era (hats), FILA (footwear), Monster (for headphones), Italia Independent (for eyewear) and Tokyobike (for bikes).

“The Nas x Ghostbusters collection takes our Ghostbusters collaborations to the next level,” said Mark Caplan, Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Products for Sony Pictures Entertainment. “There’s no bigger Ghostbusters fan than Nas – he grew up with the franchise – and, along with these iconic partners, has done a great job interpreting the characters and movies into these amazing, fashion-forward products. The collaboration was not only a natural fit between these brands, but an opportunity to add a modern, high-end twist to Ghostbusters.”

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The collection is expected to be on store shelves at the Rose Helman Melrose store in Los Angeles, and at Colette in Paris, France. “Ghostbusters was a staple childhood movie for me, one my mother took me to see, and I still love watching today with my son,” Nas said.

Watch the trailer for the clothing line below.


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