Nia Long Remembers When Prince Came To Her 21st Birthday

There are certain artists that change the culture — and some artists who just participate. But once in a blue comes a genius mind who literally shifts the sound of popular music.

Automatically, we think of the greats like Tupac, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Unfortunately though, all the aforementioned legends have passed, but like those visionaries that came before them, their legacies will always live on.

“I just think [Prince] was extraordinaire. I think they’re souls that come here and give us huge gifts that change generations of people,” says Hollywood star Nia Long about the icon’s legacy. Just 24 hours after the world learned of Prince’s sudden death, VIBE was in Beverly Hills for the official Keanu press junket with Nia. Key & Peele’s lighthearted comedy was our main topic of discussion, but as we touched on the late singer, she shared an amazing story about her personal encounters with the man, the myth… the legend.

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“I [first] met Prince when I was 18, and I met him again when I turned 21. He came to my birthday party,” Nia told VIBE. “I couldn’t believe he was there. We sat in a booth for about half an hour. He just talked to me about short hair because that’s when he was wearing his hair short. He was just like ‘I love your hair!’ And I was just like ‘can we talk about “Lady Cab Driver” and “Purple Rain?!’

Stay tuned for our full interview with Nia about her role in Keanu.

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