NYPD Officers Speak On Their Tactics For Fulfilling Arrest Quotas Despite 2010 Ban

Ten officials from the New York Police Department shared eye-opening information on the law enforcement’s methods for fulfilling arrest and summons quotas, NBC News states. Reportedly, the city placed a ban on this practice in 2010, which at times entailed wrongfully detaining people in order to achieve a certain allocation.

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“We’re the predators, they’re the prey,” one officer said in a recent news segment. “The worst thing that you can have is a police officer that needs an arrest for the month.” In the beginning of the interview, another cop named Adhyl Polanco shared specific demographics that officers might target to hit a certain number of arrests for a particular month.

“When you pull any type of numbers for a police officer to perform, we’re going to go to the most vulnerable. We’re going to go to LGBT community, we’re going to go to the black community,” he said. “…we’re going to go to those people who have no power.” But per a statement issued by the NYPD, the ban on the arrest quota mandate is still prohibited.

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“There are no numerical quotas in the NYPD. However, we expect our members to do their jobs,” the statement reads. “Just like any other organization, there are performance standards through which employees are evaluated. Our officers and supervisors are evaluated according to how effectively and appropriately they address the conditions within their area of responsibility.”

Although the NYPD outlawed the practice, a lieutenant revealed that officers are still subject to scrutiny from their higher-ups. “They are punished to the fact they will get very low evaluations.”

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Watch the full news segment below.

NEW YORK POLICE OFFICERS ADMIT ON LIVE TV: “We’re The Predator…This Is What We’ve Been Trying To Tell The World For Years!!NEW YORK POLICE OFFICERS FINALLY TAKE A STAND AND ADMIT: “We’re The Predators They Are The Prey.”

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