Orlando Jones Is Fed Up With People Claiming That Tyler James Williams Is His Son

On Thursday evening (Apr. 7), more than a handful of social media users decided to revisit the website CelebsLike.Me to figure out which famous entertainer they resemble the most. While some people were pleased with their results, famed actor Orlando Jones jokingly poked fun at his match.

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With the caption, “This is some BULLSH*T!!!” the face generator synced Jones up with fellow actor Jeff Goldblum.

Although many of his followers agreed with his sentiments on that revelation, they decided to tell Jones who he truly looks like, which is Dear White People co-star, Tyler James Williams. A few Twitter users comically stated that Williams is Jones’ son, but just in case anybody gets confused, Jones made sure to squelch the joke before someone takes it seriously.

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With a couple of photos of Williams and Jones on set of Everybody Hates Chris, the 47-year-old wrote, “My friend? Yes. My colleague? Sure. NOT my son. And until someone can prove otherwise y’all need to STAHP!!”

Even in Jones’ Twitter bio he writes a disclaimer of all the people that he doesn’t favor looks-wise, including Solange Knowles, “Juwanna Man”, “Jeff Goldblum in blackface,” and Mos Def.

But he remained cool about the scenario, and even retweeted a follower who thinks Jones and Williams should create a “father/son buddy action comedy,” just for kicks and giggles.