Pennsylvania Aims To Become The Next State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

States across the country are steadily taking the high road when it comes to legalizing marijuana. According to TIME, Pennsylvania plans to become the twenty-fourth state to permit medical marijuana after a bill received The House vote of 149-46.

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In 2014, the legislation was brought to the floor but there was a stall on fully green-lighting the bill. In a response issued to TIME, Ian James, a supporter of legalized marijuana, shared his elation in the decision.

“We’ve never had in the state’s history a time when the Statehouse has so thoroughly vetted medical marijuana,” he said, “considered its positives, its negatives and brought so many people together.” The list of health conditions that medical marijuana will be used to treat include epilepsy, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sickle cell anemia amongst others.

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Eyes are also fixated on the state of Ohio after plans were set in motion to legally enact a practice for doctors to prescribe marijuana oils and edibles among other THC items to patients with ailments.