Ghost Is A Wanted Man In The Power Season 3 Promo Teaser

Fans of the STARZ television show Power have been salivating at the mouth, waiting for show runner, creator and writer Courtney A. Kemp to give them even the smallest morsel of what to expect for season three. Then on April 5, Ms. Kemp kindly obliged.

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In a brief 30-second trailer, fans will see Ghost must now look over his shoulder to navigate a world where new enemies have familiar faces. The teaser doesn’t give too much away because..well it’s a teaser. However, in one of the more chilling moments from the clip, Ghost, feeling somebody starring, looks to see his one time friend and brother Tommy on the opposite side of a street, indeed symbolism for where their relationship has now taken them.

There isn’t a Kanon sighting in the clip, but as exposed at the end of season two, Special K wasn’t quite out for the count and may prove to be an even bigger problem for Ghost as well.

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Check out the trailer below. Power returns this July on STARZ.