President Obama Hosts A Criminal Justice Reform Meeting With Some Of Hip-Hop’s Elite

Reports surfaced all over the Internet of a meeting President Obama had at the White House today (April 15), with some of your favorite rappers.

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Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, Ludacris, J. Cole, and Alicia Keys among others were commissioned by Obama to discuss criminal justice reforms and the My Brother’s Keeper initiative with his top advisors, according to a White House official, reports TIME.  An official says the artists were picked because of the work they have done with communities to represent the issues of young people; especially those of color.

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“Through their own nonprofit work or artistic commitment, many of these artists have found ways to engage on the issues of criminal justice reform and empowering disadvantaged young people across the country,” an official stated.

It’s no surprise why Obama chose the celebrities he did to participate in this meeting. Alicia Keys has even lobbied congress in efforts to pass criminal justice reform legislation, and Chance the Rapper oversees an anti-violence campaign in Chicago.

During his second term,  Obama has made it a point to reform criminal justice legislations. Recently, he reduced the sentences of many drug offenders, whom will be released from federal prison this summer.  Not to mention all the work he has done specifically for black and other young men of color with My Brother’s Keeper.

In addition to the stars mentioned above, DJ Khaled, Wale and Common were also in attendance.