A Nine-Year-Old Boy Amazes President Obama With 3D-Printed Toys At White House Science Fair


Select students across the nation received an opportunity of a lifetime when they attended the sixth installment of the White House’s astounding science fair.

From homemade spacecrafts and robots to assist with cleaning NYC’s subways, to initiatives aimed at detecting cancer in its early stages, President Barack Obama was more than impressed with the young minds that’ll help push America forward in the field of science and technology.

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But one of the youngest kids at the event stopped Obama in his tracks with his multiple creations. Nine-year-old Jacob Leggette utilized the 3D-printing method to create more than a handful of toys. After viewing the items that the precocious student produced by himself, Obama decided to share his expertise with his science adviser John Holdren, The Baltimore Sun reports.

In another statement published on the news site, Jacob shared that with the gift of the Internet, his chances to learn new things on science are endless. “You can make almost anything,” he said. “I look online and make anything I needed or wanted.”

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Jacob is certainly on the right path to dominate his science field, especially for the career path he wants to take when he gets older. “I want to be a programmer who programs robots and makes artificial organs,” he said.