Prince’s Discography Sees A Multi-Million Dollar Increase In Sales

There’s no doubt that The Purple One’s musical imprint will live on until the end of time, and this news just further solidifies that statement.

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According to Billboard, Prince’s discography has sold over 4 million copies stateside following his untimely passing. A few of the albums that are responsible for that tally include Purple Rain (Soundtrack) at 168,000, The Very Best of Prince at 291,000, and The Hits/The B-Sides at 73,000.

As for Prince’s singles, “Purple Rain” pours in at 377,000 sales, “When Doves Cry” soar to 280,000 downloads, and “Little Red Corvette” revs up to 277,000.

Earlier this week, reports stated that Prince didn’t leave behind a will, leading his family and lawyers to figure out how to preserve his estate. In a brief chat with USA Today, estate lawyer Jerry Reisman spoke on the importance of creating a will.

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“It’s astonishing, absolutely astonishing that he did not have a will,” he said. “You’re going to have ‘siblings’ coming out of the woodwork alleging they are siblings, everyone is going to be fighting over this estate. Let this be a lesson to everyone: People should run out and make their will.”

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