Someone Started A Go Fund Me Page In Hopes To Attend Prince’s Funeral

It hasn’t been a full 24 hours since the world learned Prince died, and as difficult as that is to digest for many, an Indianapolis woman is hoping a few kind souls will help her attend The Purple One’s funeral, so much so she’s launched a Go Fund Me Page.

Don’t shoot. We’re just the messenger.

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As of April 21,Meeka Late received $775 towards her $3,000 goal, and alleges upon hearing the news of Prince’s passing she broke down while shopping in Sam’s Club.

Y’all know I love me some Prince… I just need y’all to help get me to his funeral. Lord I broke down in Sam’s Club… y’all I was on the floor SangN “Purple Rain”… This man was supposed to sAng “Darling Nikki ” at my wedding….. Lord help me make it through this!

Any donation will help.

Meeka Late

While she was able to earn a decent amount of money, there were a lot of people who simply were not here for Ms. Late’s attempt to pull on the heart strings of many in hopes to get some coins

“B—h, sit down before I give you a purple eye,” Dedrick Owens said.

One commenter who goes by Noh Govvernment-Nayme took an even more violent approach to the matter.

“Gofundme? Really? Somebody needs to Gokickyou……idiot.
This isn’t the first time someone used the crowd sourcing platform as a way to get what they believe is some free cash. A woman in Tennessee launched a Go Fund Me page in hopes to be reimbursed after allegedly spending all of her money on a Powerball Ticket. Another man started a Go Fund Me to offer Ricky Baker from John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood a proper funeral 25 years after the film’s debut.
Meeka Late’s Go Fund Me page isn’t a surprise. Is it in poor taste? Maybe. A Surprise? Nah.