Did You Know Prince Was A Ping-Pong Connoisseur?

The death of Prince is still looming heavily in our hearts, and the tributes continue to pour in for The Purple One. Jimmy Fallon, who spoke candidly about the music icon for Saturday Night Live’s tribute on Apr. 23, brought him up again during his monologue for his Monday night episode of the Tonight Show (Apr. 25).

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“I just think of all the stories, and I just get sad,” the host solemnly said. Questlove began to tell the crowd about an epic memory. He and Prince (by way of a publicist) texted each other about the idea of challenging Fallon to a game of ping-pong just one day after Fallon’s wife had their daughter, Winnie.

“Prince is one of these guys, he’s an icon, he’s legendary, he’s very mysterious…these famous stories that you hear that you don’t think are real, they’re real.”

The two met up at actress Susan Sarandon’s ping-pong club in New York a few days later, and had a good ol’ fashioned tournament after much confusion behind-the-scenes.

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“They [his management team] said ‘Prince wants to play ping-pong…just not on camera,'” Jimmy recalled. “‘Prince just thinks Jimmy would be fun to play ping-pong with.'” Questlove chimed in, telling the audience that Prince called him and said, “I’ll be there at 12:30, tell him I’ll be there.”

Despite Jimmy wanting to take care of his newborn, he obliged to Prince’s request. He was led into the ping-pong club, opened up a curtain, and saw Prince standing there, “wearing a double-breasted, crushed blue velvet suit” and holding a ping-pong paddle. He asked Jimmy, “you ready to do this?” with that signature look of fervor in his eye. Long story short, Prince demolished the comedian (21-10) and vanished into the night while Jimmy was trying to retrieve the ping-pong ball.

“He kicked my a**!”

Incredible. Listen to the story below.

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