AMC To Showcase ‘Purple Rain’ At 87 Theaters Nationwide

With tributes pouring out from every corner of the Earth for the late Prince, one company plans to continue to uplift his memory with this recent news.

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According to Mashable, AMC will showcase Prince’s 1984 hit film Purple Rain in 87 theaters nationwide beginning April 23 and ending on April 28.

Directed by Albert Magnoli, Prince takes on the role of “The Kid,” a frontman of the band The Revolution. Throughout the film, the “Adore” singer’s character battles obstacles in his personal life concerning his father’s abuse. Throughout the reel, The Kid struggles between staying afloat in terms of creating a successful name for the band while enduring harsh realities within his home. During one scene, the emotional melody “Purple Rain” was born.

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In case you’re not familiar with the cinematic feature, check out the trailer below and jot down the nearest movie theater in your city to view the full film.

Atlanta, Georgia:

- AMC North Dekalb Mall 16

- AMC Phipps Plaza 14

- AMC Sugarloaf Mills 18

Baltimore, Maryland:

AMC White Marsh 16

Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

AMC Baton Rouge 16

Boston, Massachusetts:

AMC Loews Boston Common 19

AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20

AMC Methuen 20

Charlotte, North Carolina:

AMC Carolina Pavilion 22

Chicago, Illinois:

AMC 600 North Michigan 9

AMC Naperville 16

AMC South Barrington 30

AMC Schererville 16

Cincinnati, Ohio:

AMC Newport on the Levee 20

Columbus, Ohio:

AMC Easton Town Center 30

AMC Lennox 24

Dallas, Texas:

AMC Grapevine Mills 30

AMC Mesquite 30

AMC Stonebriar Mall 24

AMC Parks @ Arlington 18

Denver, Colorado:

AMC Highlands Ranch 24

AMC Westminster Promenade 24

Detroit, Michigan:

AMC Forum 30

AMC Great Lakes 25

Hartford, Connecticut:

AMC Plainville 20

Houston, Texas:

AMC Gulf Pointe 30

AMC Studio 30

AMC Willowbrook 24

Indianapolis, Indiana:

AMC Indianapolis 17

Jacksonville, Florida:

AMC Regency 24

Kansas City, Missouri:

AMC Barrywoods 24

AMC Town Center 20

Los Angeles, California:

AMC Atlantic Times Square 14

AMC Broadway 4

AMC Covina 17

AMC Norwalk 20

AMC Ontario Mills 30

AMC Orange 30 W/IMAX

AMC Promenade 16

AMC Rolling Hills 20

Miami, Florida:

AMC Aventura Mall 24

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

AMC Arbor Lakes 16

AMC Coon Rapids 16

AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18

AMC Inver Grove 16

AMC Rosedale 14

AMC Southdale Center 16

Montgomery, Alabama:

AMC Festival Plaza 16

New Orleans, Louisiana:

AMC Elmwood Palace 20

New York, New York:

AMC 19th St East 6

AMC Empire 25

AMC Jersey Gardens 20

AMC Kips Bay 15

AMC New Brunswick 18

AMC Palisades 21 And Imax

AMC Stony Brook 17

Norfolk, Virginia:

AMC Hampton 24

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

AMC Quail Springs Mall 24

Omaha, Nebraska:

AMC Oak View 24

Orlando, Florida:

AMC Disney Springs 24

AMC Universal Cineplex 20

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

AMC Cherry Hill 24

AMC Hamilton 24

AMC Neshaminy 24

Phoenix, Arizona:

AMC Ahwatukee 24

AMC Arizona Center 24

AMC Westgate 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

AMC Waterfront 22

Raleigh, North Carolina:

AMC Southpoint 17

Salt Lake City, Utah:

AMC West Jordan 12

San Diego, California:

AMC Mission Valley 20

San Francisco, California:

AMC Mercado 20

AMC Metreon 16

Seattle, Washington:

AMC Alderwood 16

AMC Oak Tree 6

Southcenter 16

AMC Pacific Place 11

Spokane, Washington:

AMC River Park Square 20

St. Louis, Missouri:

AMC Chesterfield 14

AMC West Olive 16

Tallahassee, Florida:

AMC Tallahassee Mall 20

Tampa, Florida:

AMC Veterans Expressway 24

AMC Woodlands Square 20

Tulsa, Oklahoma:

AMC Southroads 20

Washington D.C.

AMC Hoffman 22

AMC MJ Capital Center 12

West Palm, Florida:

AMC Indian River 24