From The Twin Cities, Rocky Diamonds Pulls A Heist In “Lay Em Down” Video

Minneapolis, Minnesota isn’t known for that many musical stars. Well, Prince, who is an ‘Apolis native has put on for the culture more than most. But, the Twin Cities isn’t known for rappers all that much. And budding rapper Rocky Diamonds is looking to change all of that.

As the tatted-up rapper puts the finishing touches on his upcoming project, Anywhere But Here, he unveils the visuals for the addictive “Lay Em Down.” In the mini-clip, Rocky finds himself in a straight jacket while flowing in and out the 808-laced beat with lines about getting his bully-on.

Meanwhile, two pitbulls in heels and mini-skirts run inside a restaurant and an apartment with shotguns making everyone hit the floor before making a clean get away with the stash. The plot quickly turns as one of the thugettes turns the pistol on her would-be co-defendant.

There’s no release date for Anywhere But Here, but you can check out Rocky Diamond’s tracks on his SoundCloud page. And peep the video above.