Spike Lee Gets Candid With Sen. Bernie Sanders In Latest Interview

Spike Lee says Bernie Sanders will “Do The Right Thing.” And after officially backing the Democratic, presidential candidate, the School Daze director sat down to talk politics and ‘a better day’ with the Vermont senator for The Hollywood Reporter.

The 18-minute interview took place on the heels of Sanders’ big, Wisconsin win April 5. During the discussion, Lee and Sanders talk about their Brooklyn upbringing and the importance of voting from all, but specifically in the black community.

“We’re getting killed, frankly, not just with older African-Americans but also older whites, older Latinos. It’s the weirdest thing in the world,” Sanders said responding to a question of why he hasn’t been able to snag older African-Americans’ votes. “And what really bothers me is I spent half my life in Congress helping to lead the effort for senior citizens,” he continued.

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While the presidential candidate admits there’s a lot of efforts to be made in reaching senior citizens, he also acknowledges the uphill battle he has in winning the votes and potentially proceeding Obama. Sanders professed his good, working relationship with the commander in chief saying  “he will go down in history as one of the smartest presidents,” but with a joke and friendliness aside, he speaks on Clinton and the Head of State’s closer bond.

“With all due respect to Secretary Clinton, and everyone else, it is too late for establishment politicians and established economics,” Sanders told the Inside Man director. But the Illinois primary victor had even harsher words for Donald Trump. “Virtually every day he says something that’s crazier than the day before. Donald Trump is not going to become president of the United States,” he said while predicting victory for himself in New York on April 15. “We’re comin’ to New York City, and I think we’re going to win New York,” he said of the Republican frontrunner.

Check out the full interview with Sen. Sanders and Spike Lee below.