Premiere: Sylvan LaCue Sheds The Skin Of His Former Identity In “Loner”

Sylvan LaCue’s journey to find himself takes a dark turn in his new video for “Loner.” The Florida rapper, formerly known as QuEST, breaks free from his previous identity and uses the love of his life to reenact his transformation in the ominous black-and-white production.

“Essentially the symbolism of the girl dying represents the pain of having to let go of what’s already gone to pursue whatever it is your ambitions are,” said LaCue. “The girl herself can represent anything that means something dear to you that no longer exists in your life because of what your goals call for.”

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The visual begins with touching images of Sylvan and his main squeeze flirting on the beach as all loving couples do. Eventualy, their love story turns grim after we catch LaCue in a suit dragging his girlfriend’s dead body through a redwood forest. While the images appear disturbing, LaCue claims her “death” has a deep and unapologetically honest meaning.

“Me dragging her in the woods represents carrying the burden of not letting go, and me wearing the suit, tie and watch with nice clothing represents success.”

The Linzi Jai assisted track is featured on LaCue’s recent album Far From Familiar, which is available now. Watch Sylvan LaCue mirror his rebirth in the world premiere of the video for “Loner” below.