The Game Gives A Sleeping Homeless Man A $100 Bill

‘Tis always the season, at least according to The Game.

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Wednesday night (April 6) The Game felt it in his heart to prove there are still good people left in the world. While out and about, Game showed off his charitable side and left a crisp $100 bill in the hands of a sleeping homeless man.

“They call me Robin Hood,” Game writes in his caption. “Don’t ever tell me there aren’t good people out here. I will show otherwise every time. The Robin Hood project is still alive. This world is not lost. God don’t give up on us yet.”

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For those unaware, The Robin Hood project is Game’s charitable effort in which he gives away $1 million (or more) of his own money “to people around the world just because I feel like it.” One of his more ambitious efforts came during the publicized height of the Flint Water crisis in which Game donated $1 million to the relief.

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One user commented on Game’s good deed and said he was “crazy as heck, but got a huge heart. God bless you.” While others viewed the recorded  gesture as simply a way to gain Internet approval.

Either way, a homeless man woke up holding a Benjamin Franklin in his hand thanks to The Game. You’ve got to respect it.

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