Inspirational Genius Twins Earn $1.3 Million In Scholarships & Got Accepted Into 56 Colleges

Twins Deprice and Shaprice Hunt have probably set a world record with the number of college acceptances and scholarship money they’ve received. The Chicago natives got accepted into a total of 56 colleges combined, and have earned a total of about $1.3 million in scholarship money, according to The Huffington Post.

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Their impressive feats were made public by Kemitashi Austin who shared the good news on Facebook with a screenshot of her conversation with Shaprice.

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Shaprice has been accepted into 35 colleges, and offered a full-scholarship from two of them. She also has received offers to play basketball for five schools. The high school senior said she has her eyes set out on attending Illinois State University or Eastern Illinois University—and wants to double major in Education and Psychology.

Deprice was accepted into 27 schools, with $300,000 earned in scholarships, and two all-expense paid offers. He wants to go the historic HBCU Morehouse College, and wants to study Performing Arts and Political Science.

In addition to their scholarships and acceptances, they have a history of perfect attendance and have won about 48 awards during their high school career. Essentially, they want their stellar accomplishments to inspire others in the Chicago area to achieve their dreams no matter what their circumstances are.

“A lot of people say you can’t do it because of where you’re from,” Deprice said.

“Never give up,” Shaprice added. “Picture your future. Not only to make yourself proud but make your family proud.”

Congrats, Shaprice and Deprice! Keep going!