This New Ad For The 2016 Rio Olympics Will Make You Want To Hug Mamá

As the 2016 Olympics nears—set to take place August 5-21 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil—Procter and Gamble release a new commercial exclusively for the LatinoAmerican audience titled, “Gracias Mamá— Fuerza.”

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In it, you’ll find a group of madres from all over the world encouraging their athletic children to keep on fighting the good fight in spite of all the obstacles that they are prone to face. It showcases special flashback scenes of their childhoods, during which the moms have protected them from a precarious dangerous situation.

This isn’t the first time the consumer goods company has made an ad like this one. Back in 2014, P&G created another similar video with their “Thank You Mom” ad campaign for the Sochi Olympics in Russia. Needless to say, it went viral, garnering some 3.3 million views at the time.   

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“Moms’ contributions to their kids’ lives are full of incredible sacrifices,” Jodi Allen, Procter & Gamble vice president of North American marketing and brand operations told USA Today back in 2014. “We’re so moved by these moms and the way they help their children overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams. As athletes are named to Team USA, we celebrate the person that helped get each athlete there and who picked them up each time they fell — mom!”

Are you ready for this year’s Olympics?