A 17-year-Old Chance The Rapper Raps “Nostalgia”

Chance has come a long way since his early days, and here’s the proof. A video of the Chicago native at 17 years old performing his single, “Nostalgia” from the mixtape, 10 Day at an open mic night leaked and despite a couple years difference, he still had the juice.

Obviously, the kid looks fairly different from how he does now. His hair is cut short, and his flow has evolved a bit, but he still shows the promise of a star. He may only be 17, but he brought the bars to the Chicago’s Harold Washington Library.

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“The majority of the dope, young artists that are in Chicago came out of that b—h. I came out of there, Vic Mensa, Nico from Kids These Days,” he recalled about the video. “It was a really ill thing because it was smack in the center of downtown, so anybody from any school could come there because every train comes to the loop [downtown]. I met damn near all the producers on #10Day through this library.”

Chano is slated to perform at Summer Jam in New York City, as well as headline his own tour in celebration of his new mixtape, Coloring Book. The “No Problem” artist may not have sold out shows back when he was teen rhyming in libraries, but he most definitely will perform to a crowd of thousands this time around.

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Check out the video of 17-year-old Chance the Rapper below.