2 Chainz Reportedly Thinks Justin Bieber & “A Few Other Artists” Are Responsible For Actavis’ Ban

Apparently 2 Chainz thinks the reason why the infamous Actavis lean drink was banned, and now stands in a shorter supply is because of Justin Bieber and other artists.

In a recent stop on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champ podcast, the Collegrove rapper revealed why he feels the Biebs is partly to blame for this.

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“They have fake Actavis. They have fake everything. And so I don’t drink red, green, all I do is drink Actavis,” he explained of his drinking habits. “So when they said they were going to stop making Actavis way back when…Once Justin Bieber and a few other artists of high caliber started getting caught with this kind of drink. It started being something that they would post online so in my opinion, the company shut down, gave a warning that they’re shutting down. When they gave that warning, I didn’t believe them, but I kinda did. Because the price went up. So I bought a little extra.”

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In addition to this, the Atlanta rapper admitted to not drinking the lean juice everyday, but only when his workload demands it. “It was the Beyonce tour, I had to perform for that. I had a video shoot with Lil Wayne yesterday, I know I gotta be geeked up to be around this ni**a,” he said.

Watch a clip of it below.