Foodies Unite: The 2016 Harlem EatUp Festival Is Ready To Make Your Tastebuds Dance

While festival season is in full swing and attendees purchase tickets to see their favorite artist or band perform, for the die hard foodie whose heart skips a beat at the aroma of fresh onion and garlic, or because of the sizzle as a piece of stake hits the grill, the 2016 Harlem EatUpFestival is where you need to be.

Created by Chef Marcus Samuelson and Herb Karlitz, the four day event is begins May 19  at various Harlem locations, along with a weekend stroll at Morningside Park where attendees can indulge in some of Harlem’s most famous restaurants, as well as take in music and art.

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Popular Harlem staples such as Sylvia’s Restaurant, Chef Samuelson’s own Red Rooster and Melba’s will all be on hand to feed those looking for a good meal. For the vegans and vegetarians, don’t fret, Chef Brenda Beener from Seasoned Vegan will ensure you too walk away with a full stomach. Having been cooking and baking since 8 years old, Chef Brenda, who just celebrated the two year anniversary of her restaurant, combines her Louisiana roots to make all her plant-based dishes explode with flavor.

“I’m pretty sure it’s the Louisiana influence, in fact, I know it is,” Chef Beener  said. “I grew up on gumbo and Creole shrimp and roast beef, but like really seasoned. My dad was a heavy season person, my mom was a salt and pepper person. She would put salt and pepper on food and turn it out, seriously. But my dad was more of the garlic and the sage and the onions and the peppers. So a lot of my dishes that I make have at least 30 some odd seasonings in it. “

To nibble (or devour) some of Chef Beener’s well seasoned plant-based meals, or any others that may tickle your fancy, purchase your tickets HERE.