Explore The African Diaspora In Latin America With The Help Of This Travel Agency


AfroLatino Travel is more and more becoming the go-to agency for help on exploring Latin America’s African history. The organization isn’t your typical travel company, they don’t book hotels or find tickets at cheaper bargains. Instead, they pride themselves in educating travelers on where specifically to venture when you’re looking to get in touch with African roots in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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“AfroLatino Travel is the resource for Afrodiasporic information, multi-media, travel curation and cultural exchange in the Americas,” reads their mission statement on Afrolatinotravel.com. “We provide contextual historical and contemporary content on the African root through photos, text, video, sound and travel to Afrodescended regions.”

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When flying out to Cuba the site recommends tourists to visit places like the Yoruba Museum, where you can learn more about the Orishas. Or the Callejón de Hamel, where you’ll see artwork by AfroCuban artist Salvador Gonzalez.

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Panamanian-American Dash Harris created AfroLatino Travel with four other fellow budding AfroLatino travelers, Gabriela Watson Arauz, Lamar Bailey, Javier Wallace and Mark Armand Promax.

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“Cuba is not African-influenced. Its core root is Africa,” Harris told USA Todaywho’s been to the Communist nation four times in the past year. “I was absolutely floored by how the African and Afro-descendant connections have held so strongly in day-to-day life.”

In addition to advising travelers on where to go in Cuba, the company also suggests places to see while in other countries including Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, among many others. The organization’s endeavors are made possible with the help of groups like Miss Rizos in the Dominican Republic, Proyecto Iwa Pele in Peru and DIAFAR in Argentina.

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