Atlanta Woman Fights Off Armed Carjackers Because #BlackGirlMagic


One woman from Atlanta, Ga., failed to become a victim of a carjacking when she fought back two men who tried to steal her car.

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WSB-TV reports the botched carjacking happened on May 7 while Jasmine Warren was leaving a gas station in northwest Atlanta. After walking into the station, the two suspects set up by her car and waited for her to return. After stopping to give change to a man (because she’s awesome), Warren is approached by the armed men.

Warren is seen on surveillance cameras defending herself as one man hits her in the head with a pistol. She didn’t let the presence of a gun stop her from fighting back. “I tried to reach for the gun, grab the gun, but he grabbed me back down,” Warren said. “I just yanked the key down. Key broke into half.”

With the men unable to take off with her car, they grabbed her phone instead. Warren wasn’t harmed in the incident. She does, however, credit her strength to God for getting her through the ordeal. “God had me,” she said. “He surrounded me and I was so thankful for that, but I also knew I wasn’t going to let them take my stuff. That this is mine and it does not belong to you.”

Warren has no bad blood towards the suspects. In fact, she sent them a special message. “If you need help, come find me. I would love to help you even after the fact that you’ve done that to me. I don’t care. I will still help you,” she said.

All blessings go to Warren. Check out the full story below.

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