Azealia Banks Takes More Shots At Beyonce On Twitter


While many critics, fans, and bystanders had a lot to say about Beyonce’s latest album, Lemonade, Azealia Banks’ opinion may have been the loudest. The rapper was one of the first to come out and say she wasn’t feeling it, calling Bey a thief and fraud. But now Azealia is back with more shade being thrown in Bey’s direction.

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The Fantasea rapper popped off on Twitter after a Beyhive member tried to defend the album and its powerful narrative. But Azealia wasn’t buying it. “ITS NOT. because its coming from an entertainer. she’s capitalizing on a national convo, w/o actually having 2 participate in the conversation. she can’t be interviewed unless the questions are approved beforehand,” Azealia tweeted.

The rapper then moved the conversation into how she felt Beyonce was not genuine in her motives of discussing politics or the narrative of black women. “She’s purposefully strayed away from political discourse her entire career to make sure she didn’t alienate white ppl,” she continued. “And now that black women’s suffering is a national conversation, she wants to hop on it and make our suffering ‘trendy’…she needs to stay under Jay-z’s foot where she belongs, and stay out of the creative woman’s way.”

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But the conversation didn’t end there. Banks then began discussing the issue with author, Ta-Nehisi Coates. He came to Beyonce’s defense saying, Lemonade was a “tremendous artistic achievement. Deeply inspiring to anyone who’s trying to make art of any kind.”

Banks fired back at the author, suggesting that Beyonce did not come up with the concept herself. “She’s not an artist, she’s a poacher. she takes food out of darker skinned women’s mouths & pretends to be inspired.” The rapper also tweeted about Beyonce being “Jay-Z’s property,” and said she only wants “to see her dance, i’m not interested in Beyonce’s mind because she doesn’t have one.” Those comments have since been erased.

“You forgot that Beyonce is america’s way of having a black woman without actually having to DEAL with a black woman,” she concluded her longwinded rant. This probably won’t be the last of Azealia Banks on the matter. But for now, check out the rapper’s back and forth commentary below.