President Barack Obama Discusses The Music Industry During Vietnam Trip

President Barack Obama recently traveled to Vietnam for a meeting with young people on the significance of music and the arts, and the role that it plays in “international politics,” CNN reports.

When the leader of the free world took a question from audience member Suboi, who stated that she’s a rapper, the 26-year-old was surprised when Obama asked her to share a verse for the audience, which she did without hesitation.

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Her lyrics entailed the joys that having money or a big house can bring, but are those people who actually own those worldly possessions truly satisfied with their life? She later segued into her question which entailed how the arts and music can play a factor in changing a nation.

Obama stated, “Music, poetry, representations of life as it is and how it should be. Those are the things that inspire people. And if I listen to Vietnamese rap and it connects to the things I’m feeling, I feel closer to a country on the other side of the world.”

The aspiring artist also spoke on how hard it is for Asian women to make it in hip hop. Obama shared that back stateside women have a similar struggle in terms of finding success in the music industry.

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“There’s always been sexism and stereotypes in the music industry like every other part of life,” he said.

Watch the event below.