Benny Cassette Shows Viewers His Creative Process In ‘SMASHD: Next Wave’ Digital Series

SMASHD recently launched a new digital series titled “Next Wave” which seeks to bring viewers into the creative minds of rising artists. The first installment pins the spotlight on artist/producer Benny Cassette, where he shares a day-in-the-life in his native California.

Benny, who’s worked with famed musicians from Miguel to Kanye West, shared that he has a bigger plan in becoming one of music’s leading influencers.

“I want to just change how people look at music and artists. I want to make music three-dimensional. I want to make a song also a painting, and a painting also a culinary experience,” he said. “I want musicians to be looked at as people that are not just doing one thing. I want to touch on every form of art and be the best at it and be the biggest at it.”

Benny also shares that the art world has been a major influence in his current line of work, stating that his studio creations derive from visual art. He later takes viewers into the lab and unveils the creative process behind his forthcoming album Broken Hearts and Dollar Signs, which started with writing letters to various people where he gained inspiration from certain phrases he jotted down. He also gave an intimate look at how his new melody “Entertain Us” was created as well.

Watch the full visual below.