White Models Walking To “Formation” At Fashion Week Ticked A Few Folks Off

The Internet erupted after IMG Model Management uploaded an Instagram video from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. The models were seen strutting down the runway to Beyonce’s hit single, “Formation.” Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem (folks loves Beyonce songs), except for the fact there was not one black model among the group.

Bella Hadid led the entourage down the runway as they strutted to Beyonce’s lyrics. “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation,” the songs sounds over the speakers.

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Immediately, followers on Instagram pointed out the lack of diversity in the model selection, questioning the song choice as well. “Formation” is an anthem blatantly celebrating #BlackGirlMagic in every way, from their fros, to their broad noses, and heritage. So, people had a real problem with the fact the song’s message wasn’t relayed in the color of models’ skin.

“This song is an ode to powerful black women around the world, so where are the black women??” One user asked. “No one would care if it were some other Beyoncé song. But a song that is specifically celebrating black culture and features was a shady and strange choice. A song that is proudly celebrating afros, broad noses, Creole and Black Southern heritage…. with all white models? That is bogus,” another added.

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They have a point. But many others pointed out an even larger issue. According to a report, the models who walked in the fall 2016 Fashion Weeks (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) were 75.25 percent white. Beyonce’s “Formation” is sounding more and more unfitting.

Check out the IMG video below.

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