Talks Of A Joint Beyonce & Jay Z Album Surfaces Again

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Beyonce recently delivered her sixth solo effort Lemonade in late April, but she might return to quench fans’ thirst for even more new music from the game-changing artist.

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According to Billboard, there’s a possibility that Bey and her husband Jay Z might return to the idea of collaborating on a full-length project. The site states that a source at Columbia Records, where Beyonce is stationed, said “The label wouldn’t agree to the joint album,” but another source at Sony Music, which is the parent company of Columbia, said the entity is “open to” the idea of a shared album from the power couple.

Just yesterday (May 4), there was speculation that Jay Z planned to drop “his side of things” in response to alleged marital issues that listeners heard on Bey’s Lemonade album. Us Weekly states that the Brooklynite is currently working on an alleged album on the subject, but no one in the “Where I’m From” rapper’s camp has confirmed this rumor.

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The Carters recently went on tour together in the summer of 2014, and got fans amped with an intense reel to promote the historic event titled Run. The “cinematic feature” hosts appearances from actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle, Blake Lively, Sean Penn and more.

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