Big Boi Causes Twitter Outrage With Controversial Photo Regarding Mothers

Big Boi found himself in a bit of a sticky situation after posting a picture depicting the “reason” children behave the way they do today, and he believes it has everything to do with how mothers behave.

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The first photo shows Esther Rolle as the character Florida Evans in Good Times being attentive as a parent, while the second photo portrays a woman straddling a chair in a thong while her toddler daughter looks on. The caption reads, “Mothers in the 70’s…Mothers now…And we act like we don’t know what’s wrong with these kids.”

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Naturally, Twitter ignited with a debate, with many users saying that the rapper shouldn’t be blaming just the mothers for a child’s behavior, but a father as well. Check out some of the responses from the Twittersphere below.

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