B.o.B & Scotty ATL Are Only Riding With Their “Day 1″ Homies

Earlier this year, Scotty ATL and B.o.B. released their collab project, Live & Direct. The Georgia bulldogs are attempting to keep life their mixtape with the release of their new video for “Day 1.”

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Here, in the Stack Moses and Red Audio-directed video, B.o.B, and Scotty stroll through a house full of guys who aren’t necessarily friends of B.o.B. and Scotty ATL–just associates. With that being the case, Scotty and B.o.B. venture off to be alone. And sooner than later, B.o.B. gets ghost in his Benz truck.

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Also, you can catch B.o.B. and Scotty ATL on the STUF tour and click here for tour dates, and watch the video above.