A Reported Affiliate Of Bobby Shmurda Was Found Washed Ashore In Brooklyn

There’s a new chilling report that’s making eerie rounds on the Internet. According to DNA Info, a man that was a reported member of the same crew as Bobby Shmurda (G Stone Crips), was found washed ashore with “cement shoes” on Monday morning (May 2).

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Peter Martinez, 28, was missing for three weeks when police officials found his body in Brooklyn’s Manhattan Beach. According to reports, Martinez was swaddled in black plastic bags, and his feet were bound in 100 pounds of cement. Officials are still unaware of the motive, but stated that Martinez owed a debt to someone.

This news arrives a few days after Bobby Shmurda, born Ackquille Pollard, planned to file a lawsuit against the NYPD for false arrest. According to his legal team, the NYPD illegally entered the home where Pollard was located without a search warrant, and stated that Pollard was trying to conceal a handgun. The 21-year-old said the weapon and drugs that were found didn’t belong to him, but was still imprisoned alongside other members of GS9 including Rowdy Rebel, and is currently awaiting his trial date of May 11.

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Details are still forthcoming as there are no arrests in the murder of Martinez.