Brazil Teenage Mass Rape Victim Speaks Out Amid National Outrage

A brutal gang rape in a Rio de Janeiro hovel has sparked national outrage across South America’s largest country. An anonymous 16-year-old teenage girl from Brazil woke up in the middle of an abhorrent nightmare involving at least 30 men taking turns at raping her.

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“I fell asleep and woke up in a completely different place, with a man under me, one on top of me and two holding me down, on my hands,” she told CNN in an interview released over the weekend. “Many people laughing at me, and I was drugged, out of it. Many people with guns, boys laughing and talking.”

The reported attack – believed to have involved her boyfriend after video footage of the incident was released online – was so shocking it sparked nationwide protest. Women and men took to the streets of Brasilia to passionately rail against Brazil’s “culture of rape”, only to be met by police who used pepper spray to keep them from marching on the Supreme Court.

“If I have to wait for the justice system, they’ve already shown that nothing is going to happen,” she added in the presence of her attorney. “I am waiting for the justice of God. That might be late but it never fails.”

Although the victim (whose identity remains veiled) was initially overcome with a sense of shame and guilt, she was happy to finally tell her mother: “Now I am sure that if I was going through this alone it would be much worse.”

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Brazil’s interim president Michel Temer has ordered crisis talks with the country’s security ministers after the emergence of the video showing a teenage girl being gang raped in Rio de Janeiro.