Did Chance The Rapper Reveal His Cover Art For ‘Chance 3’?

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It’s been a long time coming for Chance the Rapper’s mixtape, Chance 3. Although there hasn’t been much information about the project’s release date or track list, fans may have gotten one piece of the puzzle on April 30.

The “Ultralight Beam” rapper took to his social media accounts to post what looks like a mixtape cover. The photo illustrates a painting or sketch of young Chano looking down and smiling. On his head is a baseball cap, sporting the number “3.” Along with the photo, the Chicago native linked to his site, chanceraps.com, which revealed that fans could purchase 10 posters with the same art for $20.

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This is pretty much a dead giveaway, seeing how his previous cover art including Acid Rap and 10 Day have looked similar in their animated and colorful designs. So unless Chance is just toying with fans’ heads, this is definitely a sign that Chance 3 is almost here. Now, it’s looking like it’s only a matter of time.