Charlamagne Tha God Calls Lauryn Hill “Entitled” In His Donkey of The Day Rant


After Lauryn Hill penned an open letter to fans informing them the reason for her lateness was so she could “align her energy with the time,” many aligned their opinions with the Internet and issued their two cents about the hip-hop icon constantly being tardy for the party. While a day late, Charlamagne Tha God dedicated Tuesday’s (May 10) “Donkey of The Day” to Ms. Hill not for being on time, but her prerogative towards time.

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“She’s not getting donkey for showing up late. She’s getting donkey for this entitled excuse she used for showing up late,” the 35 year old said. Charlamagne proceeded to read the first few lines from Hill’s lengthy Facebook post, and simply concluded, Ms. Hill was full of prunes.

“That is the most entitled, bougie, wordy excuse for being late I have ever heard in my life. This is the excuse of someone with entitlement mentality. Like I told you all yesterday, service and gratitude will fuel your relationships, entitlement and expectations will poison them. Lauryn showing up late and then giving excuses like your energy was not aligned with the time is just lazy.”

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The MTV 2 Uncommon Sense host, who needed Angela Yee to help him properly pronounce spontaneity, said there’s only one person we should all wait for, and unfortunately it isn’t Lauryn.

“All the work you did with the Fugees, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, the Unplugged albums were great. But knock it off already.  Only person worth waiting on is Jesus, and the only reason we’re waiting on him is because he didn’t give us a scheduled date to come back. He just said he would return.”

Oh Charlamagne. Whatever will we do with you? Check out the full clip below.