Chris Brown Wins Big In Custody Battle For Daughter Royalty

Chris Brown scored a major victory in his recent court battle against Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, after a judge ruled in the singer’s favor May 24.

In the recent court hearing, Nia claimed Chris was unfit to care for their daughter without strict supervision due to his alleged drug use and gang affiliation. She asked for his visitation rights to be reduced or heavily monitored, according to TMZ.

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A judge, however, did not see the benefit of limiting Chris’s contact with Royalty, and rejected Nia’s motion. The judge mandated that Chris and Nia continue to share joint custody. Under the existing court order, Chris has been granted, unmonitored visitation rights for 12 days of every month.

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Although Chris won the battle, Nia is gunning for the war. Royalty’s mother is also seeking more child support from the R&B artist. Currently, she is awarded $2,500 a month in child support, however, she is looking to increase the amount to almost $16k a month. A judge has not yet ruled in regards to those payments.