Chris Brown May Be Charged With Disturbing The Peace

The LAPD might have one out for Chris Brown. Police are looking to charge the R&B singer with disturbing the peace after he drove an ATV around his suburban, Tarzana neighborhood.

When CB was warned about how dangerous it was to drive the vehicle on the street by a neighbor, he responded “with a series of obscenities,” according to Los Angeles police Capt. Paul Vernon. The neighbor then called the police.

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When officers came to the singer’s residence, his personal security detail answered the door saying the “Back To Sleep” singer would not let them in or speak to them. Instead, they directed the officers to call his lawyer.

The police officers did leave the premises shortly after, but Capt. Vernon says they are looking to charge Breezy.

“Neighbors were able to identify Brown as one of those riding the ATV and so we are taking it to the city attorney for disturbing the peace,” Capt. Vernon said.

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This isn’t the the first time Chris has had a run in with the LAPD. The police have come to his crib five times since he moved to the LA residence this past year. In addition to cops responding to a couple of burglaries and trespassing incidences, neighbors called the authorities, complaining about “late-night noises and other nuisances,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

The city attorney has not decided whether or not the court will charge Brown  yet.

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