Undocumented Students Can Earn A College Degree Debt Free

Five-hundred undocumented students will have the chance to attend college with a unique scholarship program, thanks to a new partnership between Delaware State University and Eastern Connecticut University, and TheDream.US.

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TheDream.US. is the U.S.A’s biggest scholarship program for Dreamers, which gives undocumented immigrants a chance to attend college debt free. Even though the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) makes it possible for students to work through college, 16 states still do not allow undocumented immigrants to go to college.

“In four states, they are banned from some or all state college,” said TheDream.US co-founder Donald Graham to The Washington Post. “Even if they pay, the doors are shut. In others, they are barred in practice because the states deny them in-state tuition.”

In total the scholarships are worth about $20,000 a year, for four years, and will be awarded to those students who aren’t allowed to attend colleges in their home states—Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Dakota, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, North Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa and Louisiana. Scholarship winners are welcome to enroll at Eastern Connecticut State and DSU, in addition to other universities who have partnered with the TheDream.US.

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An additional 100 scholarships will be awarded to undocumented students in Delaware and Connecticut. The deadline to apply is June 9.