Oh, That’s What He Said: Watch Desiigner Recite The Lyrics To “Panda”

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Oh, so that’s what Desiigner is saying! The chart-topping rapper hooked up with the lyric-expert site, Genius, for a reading of his hit single, “Panda.” And for anyone who’s danced to the track, but had no clue what he was saying, this reading was much needed.

“You wanna know exactly what I’m saying, so now I’m telling you what I’m saying, real slow and real simple,” Desiigner said, admitting that some of the lyrics were hard to understand.

The Kanye-certified artist does have a strong, Southern accent and a knack for speaking pretty fast, but the reading was definitely a huge help.

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“I got broads in Atlanta,” he began (although those might have been the only words anyone knows). “Twisting’ dope, lean, and the Fanta/ Credit cards and the scammers / hitting off licks in the bando/ Black X6, Phantom / White X6 looks like a panda / Goin’ out like I’m Montana / Hundred killers, hundred hammers.”

He gets a little excited as the song goes on, but the lyrics are on the screen for reference. “Panda” has been a knockout record for the rapper. This past April, the track reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Desiigner the first rapper from New York City to reach that achievement since Jay Z’s  2009 for “Empire State of Mind.”

Read along with Desiigner in the video below.

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