Gift Your Parents With This Helpful Dictionary Of 2016 Lingo

Most of us aren’t hip to sharing our lingo with family members, but no worries, Nylon has presented a helpful dictionary that explains the many terms we’ve created over the past few years.

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Released last week, NYLON’s Dictionary of Modern-Day English presents modern terms that even you might have missed in between the latest viral video or meme. There are the go-to words like “clap back” and “FOH” to address the negative things in life and terms like “facts” (thanks Jay Z) and “gotta hear both sides” (thanks Desus,) that are thrown into casual convos.

Check out some more examples from the dictionary below and be sure to cop it here.


Glo Up: verb: the human equivalent of transitioning from a caterpillar to a butterfly; a wordplay on ”grow up.” [ORIGIN<TWITTER : the first person who tweeted an older, ugly selfie juxtaposed with a present-day, much more fabulous pic alongside #gloup]SEE ALSO: #Upgrade“No one glo’d up like the kid who played Neville in Harry Potter.”


Lit adjective: 1. In a state of peak turn-up 2. Extremely intoxicated and/or stoned [ORIGIN <DEITY: Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire]SEE ALSO : turnt, flames, fire emoji, ayyyye“I got a plug for The Life of Pablo.”“It’s lit.”


F**kboy : noun : someone who is not worth your time because you are a strong, independent being who don’t need no man[ORIGIN<PERSON: Satan]“This dude just stood me up, and then DM’d me the link to his mixtape on Soundcloud like nothing happened. What a fuckboy.”

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