DJ Kool Herc Files A Lawsuit Against HBO

DJ Kool Herc plans to sue HBO after they allegedly ripped off his image in their new buzzing series Vinyl. The show about the revolution of the music industry in the 1970s follows a hard-working record executive, played by Bobby Cannavale. As the story delves into the beginning of hip-hop, the show delivers a glimpse into the birth of the game-changing genre once a character by the name of Mr. Clive Campbell makes his grand cameo.

The NY Post reports that HBO had approached Kool Herc before production and offered him a mere $10,000 for the opportunity to serve as a consultant on the show and to waive his rights. Herc declined the offer, yet HBO used his image anyways.

Apparently, the network’s attorney said HBO had a right “to base a character on a real-life person,” especially if they don’t paint them in a negative light. According to a statement from HBO’s spokesman, the network is more than sure that Campbell’s claims have “no validity.”

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.