Donald Trump Reportedly Says He Will Not Help Puerto Rico If Elected President

Donald Trump has no interest in lending Puerto Rico a helping hand if he gets elected president, reports NBC News.

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The island has been under a massive financial crisis, which has even prompted fellow Puerto Rican artists like Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda to ask Congress for help. Still, Trump is definitely set in his ways. In a recent interview with Wolf Blitzer from CNN he revealed that he will do very little to help the economic mess the U.S. Congress helped create.

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“I’m the king of debt — I love debt,” Trump said. “The problem with Puerto Rico is they have far too much debt.”

Reportedly, on Monday (May 2) the island failed to pay a debt payment of $22 million. Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla also mentioned that the island will not be able to pay its nearly $2 billion debt by its due date of July 1.

We hope things get better.