Doughboy Flips TLC’s “No Scrubs” To Clown On Thirsty Gold Diggers On “No Thots”

Rapper Doughboy puts every type of thirsty thot on blast on his new record “No Thots.” The rising talent out of St. Louis, MO lashes out on the self-proclaimed Instagram models and money-hungry club rats who boast their luscious assets in search of free entrance to the club, complimentary bottle service, and that ballerific post for the Snap.

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The buzzing club hit, which plays off TLC’s “No Scrubs” in the male perspective, is guaranteed to trickle into DJ sets across the nation as we approach Summer 2016. The anti-thot party anthem is the lead single off Doughboy’s follow up project to his 2015 EP SAKrifices, which boasted singles “Break Da Knob” and “4 And A Baby.”

Listen to Doughboy clown on the thirstbuckets on “No Thots.”