Now You Can Bring A Drake Figurine With You Wherever You Go

Hours before the release of Views, Drake took to Instagram to let fans know which collaborators would be featured on the record. Photos of Rihanna, Future, WizKid and more were featured with a teeny-tiny Drake sitting somewhere in the picture. The bite size Drake, which was taken from the cover art of Views has since become a thing, and is often used in hilarious memes.

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Realizing there was a way to capitalize off this, 3D printing printing retailer Shapeways  created a Drake Views figurine that can go wherever you go. The dimensions, 3.97cm x 7.5cm x 4.274 cm, make it perfect to place on top of any piece of furniture in your home, or on your shoulder while you walk down the street so people will know Drake literally has your back.

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Figurine Drake isn’t pricy either. For $29,99 you too can have the small figurine. Interested in purchasing it? Yeah, you are. Don’t lie.

Click HERE.

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