Dear Mama: ELHAE Pens Heartfelt Letter To Mom For Mother’s Day


While many of us take the time to shout out our moms for every selfless act, Atlantic Records artist ELHAE is putting his penmanship at the forefront with a heartfelt letter to his mom.

“Dear mom, words can’t describe the value I hold for you,” the “Halfway Love” singer wrote. Although he said he couldn’t describe his appreciation for her, he managed to jot down a couple more sentences, expressing his gratitude for the life lessons she taught him. “One of the most important things you ever said to me was to ‘be a man of your word, and if you say you’re going to do something do it.”

He said that stuck with him and it’s a good thing. ELHAE has quickly become one of the breakout artists in the game, with notable singles like “Love A N***a” and “Drive Me Crazy,” as well as his album All Have Fallen. He says if it weren’t for his mom, he might have quit. “So many days I wanted to quit, and many other days I actually did, but I always heard your voice in the back of my head,” he continued.

Aside from his mom’s words of wisdom he mentions she’s always been a big fan. In fact, in a video-recorded phone conversation between the two, ELHAE’s mom told him how much she loves his music and career path. “I think that you have a platform, that you are reaching people all over the world and you’re doing it in a positive way. Looking at the testimonies, the tweets and messages you have gotten from people, you have touched their lives in different ways that somebody else could not touch them,” she said.

ELHAE concludes his letter by thanking her for all of her support and guidance throughout the years. “I’ll always appreciate you for you support and the love you’ve shown me since I made my way into this life. Seeing how we have the same birthday, I’m sure I was your greatest gift, but these days you’re mine.”

Check out the full letter from ELHAE to his mom below.