Erykah Badu And Family Singing “High Hopes” Will Give You So Many Feels

Erykah Badu is one of our favorites. The But You Cain’t Use My Phone singer-songwriter for the past 20 years has continued to make heart pounding music, while miraculously staying super down-to-earth. Whether it be interrupting a Dallas news reporter’s live broadcast, or creating one of her hilarious Vines, FatBellyBella continues to make us laugh.

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In her latest video, the “Hello” singer captured Seven and her youngest daughter Mars joyriding and singing Frank Sinatra’s famous “High Hopes.” We were kind of blown away at the fact Seven is driving now, but were soon singing along to the 1959 single, which later went onto win an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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As the family approached a red light, Badu filmed a driver on her right hand side filming her, who then joined in on.

Watch the fun commence below.