Fly Blue Crane, First Airline Established By A Black Woman, Will Takeoff For First International Flight


History plans to soar through the blue skies in the near future. According to OkayAfrica, Fly Blue Crane, the first airline established by a black woman, will takeoff on May 13 for its first international flight.

The South African-based airline consists of an all-female staff, following in the blueprint of Air Zimbabwe and Ethiopian Airlines’ recent all-women crew journeys, which began in Nov. 2015. Fly Blue Crane flew the friendly skies “within South Africa” the site states, but will head in the direction of Windhoek, Namibia next week.

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In an interview with Runway Girl Network, the airline’s CEO Sizakele Mzimela shared her tips for women trying to break through in the aviation business. “The truth of matter is you have to accept up front that your road will be more difficult than the pale white male sitting next to you,” she said. “Instead of moaning and complaining, just get on with it. You will have to always have to be better than them because they will only ignore you up to a point. People may not like your color or your agenda when say they want the best person for the job.”

She also noted that the fact that women will have to work harder than men shouldn’t deter you from achieving your dreams or goals. “You can stand up and say ‘I am the best person for the job’. Just understand that we just have to work harder. It’s unfair, but you spend less time complaining and more time finding a way to move on and break through regardless of the difficulties,” she shared. “Be mentally prepared that climbing that mountain will be different, but I’m prepared to climb to the top. It’s your job to say `nothing will stop me. I’m going to make it,’ because it doesn’t look like, I’m sad to say, that things will change any time soon.”