Foxy Brown Lost More Than $100k In Airport Robbery

Foxy Brown fell into some misfortune this past week. When the rapper arrived at LAX airport, she realized her luggage didn’t seem to make the trip with her. Foxy was robbed, and the thief made off with a lot of her expensive possessions.

When it came time to claim her luggage at the baggage claim, Foxy’s Gucci suitcase was nowhere to be found, according to TMZ, who spoke with the rapper’s rep. The suitcase itself was worth more than $100,000, but the items inside were even more valuable. The designer suitcase carried a Birkin bag, diamond jewelry, and eight pairs of high-end shoes.

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Immediately, Foxy alerted airport officials. When they went through its surveillance footage, it showed a person taking the bag off of the carousel, but he or she has still not been identified. However, the show must go on! Foxy didn’t let the bad news get to her. She performed at her scheduled stop in Palm Springs that night, despite the thief having jacked all of her performance outfits.

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