Premiere: Gemaine’s “2:33″ Video Is The Perfect Backdrop For Late Night Lovin’

Are you ready? It may be 2:33 in the A.M., but Compton singer, Gemaine has something he wants you to hear in his newest video for “2:33.”

Gemaine kicks off the sultry video, singing of spending one-on-one time with a special someone. The blue and violet hues and silhouettes add a 90s feel to the sexy video.

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The “Let Me In” artist brings a mix of great vocals with electric dance moves as he sings to his leading lady. “It’s 2:33, won’t run, you and me/Don’t play me, you’ll see/It’s a perfect time for freak/ Yeah a perfect time for freak/ So let’s go/ What we waiting on?/ So let’s go,” he sings.

“2:33” is coming from Gemaine’s debut EP, Curious, which explores the challenges of relationships, and break ups. So what are you waiting on? Check out Gemaine’s “2:33” video below.

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