Gina Rodriguez Goes Nude… In Every Shade

Gina Rodriguez has joined forces with lingerie line Naja by Catalina Girald in efforts to provide nude colored underwear for women of all hues, shapes and sizes. The new line is called “Nude For All.”

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Girald was inspired back when she watched the 2012 Olympics, and saw gymnast Gabby Douglas sporting footwear that were supposed to be nude but did not properly match her skin tone. “I used to be a gymnast so I’m always sensitive to those things, and it was the first time that it dawned on me that the wrap didn’t exist in other colors,” Girald told Elle.


Initially, Girald approached Gina with the idea way before she was cast for Jane The Virgen. Upon hearing the plan, the actress was jumped on board. “I had just started the company, and [Gina] didn’t have the part on Jane the Virgin yet,” she told Adweek. “We were both struggling artists, and we became friends. Eight months later, she won the Golden Globe, so I asked her to help me launch the nude lingerie, and she loved the idea.”

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Rodriguez stands firm in her support for the lingerie line because of what it represents and means for all curvaceous Latina and black women. “In societal norms, I don’t have the ‘perfect’ body, and yet I feel like it is, and I feel like I can rock whatever I damn well please,” Gina said about Naja to People back in January. “So, it was important for me to bring that perspective into the company — to bring awareness that you don’t have to have any specific body type to wear lingerie or feel sexy as hell in it. All women own it, and all women should own it.”

The line comes in seven different shades of brown. The bras go for $52 and underwear goes for $18, $20 and $22. Chicas, how ’bout it—let’s go nude?