J.R. Smith May Appear In The ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

Space Jam 2 is officially happening and although the film’s sequel won’t be starring Michael Jordan this time, it has some pretty exciting ball players stepping in. Cleveland Cavaliers star, J.R. Smith is the newest player to join the sequel, according to TMZ.

Smith’s rep, Daniel Hazan confirmed J.R.’s interest in joining the film, revealing he has been contacted by the producers a few week ago, according to the publication.

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As for the small forward’s role in the film, it’s still up in the air, although Hazan mentioned producer tossed around the idea of him voicing an animated character.

If a role sticks for J.R., he will join Lebron James, who will take the lead role. But nothing is set in stone just yet; “it all depends on the deal,” according to Hazan. So we’ll just have to wait and see who makes it into Space Jam2. The film has not revealed a release date.

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